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Always on the hunt for a different sort of sound that's full of it's own personality and that strikes a chord within thee...For me, tonight, I've found it in - No Fixed abode! I'm even going to take the liberty of giving this remarkable duo their very own genre... Modern Day Olde English Rock.
If I were wanting to compliment the typically authentic fare of music normally heard at a Shakespearian Festival or Renaissance Fair with something that was a little more upbeat and a lot less old hat but still reminiscent of the days of yore, this is precisely the band I'd be in pursuit to hire, so long as they'd be willing to play the parts amd wear the proper period costumes.
With a classically lyrical and theatrically toned British-accented voice fit for a Shakespearian King; lovely crystal clean Celtic-sounding harmonies; and a wonderful and well-played choice of perfectly suited instrumentation and musical arrangements, "No Fixed abode" could play just about anywhere and still be noticed and well received for their enchanting and entertaining musical renditions. In fact, I think Shakespeare AND Christopher Marlowe BOTH would have fully enjoyed this couple's repotoire and execution for melodic ballads and festive music, somewhat comparitively like the incorporation of electrified Bach!
They themselves allude to a Joni Mitchell/Bruce Springsteen comparison.  Springsteen aside, sure... Joni came to mind, especially in some of the phrasing.  On my all time top ten great artists lists, Joni, of course, is simply incomparable.  But I'll give it an A for effort! Vocally though, along with their particular inherent style of songwriting (sans the electric rock guitars), I'm hearing even more of some of the great Irish Canadian New Age folk singers like Enya, Mary Murphy, Karan Casey & Loreena (Laura) McKennitt but with an added and very distinctive English touch and flair.  And I might as well throw in just a tad of Petula Clark and Julie Andrews while I'm at it too!
'Ansent friends' is just one beautiful song!  'The time has come' and 'School days' are both, at least to my ears, 2 great tracks that should be near or at the top of the charts in the Classic Rock genre.  They're both... real attention-getters!  And 'Modern life' (their least colloquial Elizabethan-sounding piece) is still a nice ballad even if not meant for a baud.
My only regret in listening to this talented twosome's music is that I just wish these Artists would provide their names and expound a little more with info on their "Tracks" page (along with many more pictures in their "Photos" page).  The time has come, me doth think and hear... They deserve the recognition!
- Magic Potion


Couldn't help but notice this duo being the featured Artist today.  Todd's exactly right... "Sweet sound!"

Sweet sound indeed!  Something there is about you.

Every now and then I come across music that just has that "thang"... that connection... that "sound" that puts an indelible brand on my being.  Talent, genre, and even songwriting ability often have little to do with it, although in this case I think all three just conspire to add to it, to that allure (I call it a "siren")  that attracts me to certain kinds of music or to a particular song.  They (No Fixed abode) call their music, "Rock/Folk."  Interesting juxtaposition on a genre that first got me into music big time with Dylan, Donavon, Joni Mitchell and the like.  Energizing and electrifying Irish, English and Celtic folk music and putting it to Rock, although not entirely novel, is something that I'm not necessarily accustomed to hearing, and I'm loving it.
The eerily beautiful Celtic-style, Titanic-like beginning and ending to this track, 'School days', sets the mood and leaves you off in a transcendentally soulful mood; and the weaving of acoustic and electric guitars by Tony Dean is masterfully done and just keeps you totally absorbed and rhythmic during the entire meat of the song, while Una Walsh's lilting delivery and harmonies authenticate that folksie sound so recognizable and captivating from the English Isles.
Let's face it, Una's no Aretha Franklin or Janis Joplin (or Sarah Brightman if you're thinking musicals).  I've heard thousands of vocalists that may be more 'talented' in some ways, but that's not the point!  Una's vocals are "perfect" for the songs they play (and what lovely songs they are) and that's all that matters.  Talent's only HALF of this game.  Charisma's the other half, and, for me, like so many other great Artists with less than perfect tone (like Frank Sinatra, for instance), Una's GOT that charisma (along with the talent)!  Singing's an art form, and was never meant to be an exact science, and that's part of the whole allure of folk music, and it's especially true with the soft, lilting, almost yodel-like intonations found in IRISH folk music).  And, together, along with Tony's artistry on guitar, for what I'M hearing, they've got that "THANG!"

I liken this argument when it comes to ‘talented’ musicians & singers to artists such as Al Kooper, Bob Dylan and ‘Joni Mitchell’ herself.  Your local church organist has got more ‘raw musical talent’ than Al Kooper EVER had, but could he or she have played a better keyboard on ‘Like A Rolling Stone’ by Dylan than Kooper?  The answer to that is a resounding “NO!”

Same goes for Joni & Bob.  Even Judi Collins (whose voice and arrangements I absolutely love) when singing Joni’s songs as well as Bob’s and others’, for me falls a bit short of ‘perfection’ in comparison to the vocals (in tandem with the arrangements) as expressed by the original artists; although I would think that MOST would be in agreement that Judy has a more ‘pure and perfectly on-key voice' when it comes to out & out singing as a vocalist.  Yet, Judi’s voice is ‘just right’ when put to her own arrangements.

Una’s got a lot of talent… in addition to a terrific, high-pitched lilting voice for expressing Irish Rock/Folk music, and I guess that's my whole point here.
Yeah… I really like this duo!
Great job both, and hope you're still playing together and writing and recording more music!

- Magic Potion


Many thanks for a most enjoyable evening of music last night. We hope
that you felt rewarded for all your hard work. Maureen & I enjoyed
your guitar playing & Una's wonderful singing, as ever, and our
daughter, who is more used to clubbing that folk clubbing, also
enjoyed the evening. (That's praise indeed from someone who is use to
the bright lights of London!!) We hope that 2010 is a happy, healthy & successful year for both of Best wishes to you both & thanks once again



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