no fixed abode

original and traditional folk music


Hear are a number of comments we received on our Myspace page and via emails in the month of January (yellow), February(green),  March (grey) and April (Yellow). We have removed peoples email addresses in order to keep there details private…. there is a lot to get through!!!!


Hi here are April's email and comments. Because there are so many we have tried to give you a flavour and if you want to see all the comments go to our myspace page


Hello Una,
You are more than welcome for the friends link. When I get a request, I go and see what the "requestee" is all about. A welcome surprise awaited me when you sent your request. I simply fell in love when I got to your profile and clicked on "Kebab Crazed Nutter". I have since gone to the other link and found even more to love. You and your band play the kind of music I enjoy playing myself. I'm not a "star" but we tear the hell out of a starry night by a campfire. Big fun!! Back to the point; I would like to be included to your email list. Please send to xxxxxxxxxx, and thank you for hooking me up to your sound.


FINALLY, a "Lady" that sounds GREAT and not like an "imitation" of someone else! Apologies for not getting by your Music. It IS "New Releases Wednesday" here, and am now so happy to have a real listen. Looks like you are BIZZY! Headed back to hear more, and read more. "Feeling the Love" here! All the Best! ~peace now~
"Vintage" Get Back Loretta


hello, guys
i'm listening to samples of your songs on cdbaby, and i'm totally floored!!you sound really awesome!! even my son loves listening to them, especially "what did i do".as for me,i like "sunne days",and "call me".i wish your album is available here in the philippines, though.
of course, you can have my email add  xxxxxxxxxx and send me emails anytime. good luck on your career, more blessings, God bless!  Irmeena


Hi back!
I didn't have much time lately but was planning on leaving you a thank you comment :D
I really love your music, I love the Celtic influence in it as well as the deep sensation of calm and rest it gives :) Hoping to get to know you better,


Great voice and music! Your influences are some of the best this industry has ever seen. If you are ever in Austin TX I would love to come see you.
Thanks for the invite!


Wow, wow, wow - great music!! Listened at CD Baby, and when I have $$ will go back and get your album.
I'm disabled w/fibromyalgia syndrome, and living on a fixed income. Music has always been a love of mine, and your music is amazing!!
Wishing you all the best and I'll pass you along to others!!
Think I'll move you all up on my friends, so more people can hear you - take care – Laura


Hi Una and Tony.
My review of your album has just been published on
Folking. com.
I hope that I have done you justice.
It really is a brilliant album and thanks for letting review it.
Just paste the links below into your browser and press go.
Thanks again, Ken,
http://www. folking. com/reviews/reviews/950. shtml


Hi Una!
I'd love to be on your mailing list - I have been playing your songs for our Troops... and I've recently been getting a couple of request now that they are getting familiar with you. :)


Hi back!
I didn't have much time lately but was planning on leaving you a thank you comment :D
I really love your music, I love the Celtic influence in it as well as the deep sensation of calm and rest it gives :) Hoping to get to know you better,


I was contacted by ken ( folk page) and told to give you a listen, well i have and i think you sngs on myspace are great.
I have an on line Folk show every Monday for 2 hours (9-11). repeated on Saturdays (8-10) It is a local community radio sation and I don't have thousands of listeners yet, but do reach an international audience, so if you are interested and have a Cd or an MP3 you would like to send me i would be more than happy to play some of your tracks,
on www. bishopfm. Com


Hi Una!
I am glad we found each other, you have an incredible sound, and I truly love it. I especially liked the song "Modern Life" : )
Absolutely, please add me to your mailing list. My email is xxxxxxxxxxxx Yes, next time you're in the States, let me know and maybe we can meet each other. I should be heading to the UK towards fall, maybe in September or October and when I do, I'll let you know in advance. I thought I was going to be there in June for a commercial shoot with Revlon, but the location has been changed to Sydney, Australia.
Have a great weekend my friend and I hope you're smiling every day : )


great music, love your sound, the band sounds awesome....especially the vocs...
if you ever think of touring in the USA you'll have to hit me up so I can either catch one of your shows or possibly hook you up with a show or two...
Carl LaCascia
Empire Entertainment (DJ and Live Music Consultant)
The Hodge Podge (Rehearsal Studio)


Ok-thanks Uma..!! I really like the song, "Modern Life". Keep up the good work..!!!


I like the songs on the profile, great tunes.You might get a freind request from my musical self on another profile as David Paskell, I see your playing sheffield on the 5 th I will try and make it if I can only thing is I worked early in the morning so be the evening I get very sleepy n however I would love to see you live, great music great vocals!
best wishes


thank you for reaching out. i do like ur sound and would like very much to be a part of the mailing list, my email is xxxxxxxx hope to meet u sometime. peace
sadaa bahaar bren


My latest indies podcast is up and running. I played your song, "Kebab Crazed Nutter" near the middle of the show.
www. clickcaster. com/jammnjay


Just a quick reminder that my latest podcast is up and running. So, go take a listen. I played your song, "Absent Friends" late in the show. :)
www. clickcaster. com/jammnjay


Thanks for wonderful happy music. I look forward to here you in live some day.
Have a nice weekend



My email is xxxxxxxxx Thanks agian. I love your music. I will check out your site. I cant wait to hear clearwater.


Hi, I think you've sent me a request before because the music sounds familiar. Maybe this is naive of me, but had I not have read that you all were from the United Kingdom, I never would have guessed it; the music sounds more like west coast US!

I will add you, and hopefully by doing so, a few more will hear your sound! *kusje*


You're most welcome for the add. Your music seems familiar; but new too. It's very good & light-hearted. In a world of head-banging music, it's like a breath of fresh air. :)
Yes, you can add me to your mailing list. My e-mail is xxxxxxxxxxxx
Best Wishes & Continued Success.



Hi Una,
Thank you for your request!
It's always a pleasure to meet (and add) great, new musicians to my MySpace.
I like what I had heard and hope to hear more. ...And yes, it would be a pleasure to meet you, "somewhere down the road"... (what a great name for a song!)
Give me a shout if you are ever in Philadelphia.
Peace & Happiness


Hi! thanks for the link. great songs ;p would love to sign up for your newsletter. my email add is xxxxxxxxxxx. good luck on your projects. have a great week ahead.


Please put me on your mail list I like your sound my e-mail is xxxxxxxxx Boy Elroy or my friend call me Lee


I would love to be added xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.. thanks for adding me.. dEB


thanks for the request. I'm enjoying you music. Keep up the great tunes!  Tami

I really do like what I hear... very unique. My e-mail xxxxxxxx Monica


It just dawned on me, Una has a beautiful voice just as Crystal Gayle the singer.
Una does have a beautiful voice~~~:) Kim


hey no fixed abode UNA! you sound great. add me : xxxxxxxxxxxxxx cheers! florence :D YOO


Been out a my mothers all day, gardening and shopping, yuk, I have received your CD, ( a big thanks for that ), busy listening to it now, it sounds great, i love the kebab nutter lol, it just about sums up the city centre. I will listen to it properly and e-mail you my thoughts ( which i know will be "it's great" just by what i've heard so far. fell free to give my contact details,i've no problem with that. I like the idea of a phone interview, i wil endeavour to set it up. I can guarantee you that i will be playing a track on Monday, and will confirm which one later




thanks for turning me onto some cool music.
my email address is : xxxxxxxxxxx
have a super weekend ,



and thank you as well for the ad....the music i did hear on your site was errific....definately hope to meet down the road.....our email: xxxxxxxxxxxx
thanks again and have a great day !!!


Looks like I overlooked a frends request from you over a month ago. Listened to some of the stuff on your player and I like it. thanks for the request.


Hello Una,
It's a pleasure to add y'all and your music is delightful. I checked out some of your trax - quite nice indeed and I do hope that one day I will get to see you perform. You can email at xxxxxxxxxxx for your mailing list. Kind regards,
--Pj Suttle


'Like your distinct sylistic blend -- thanks for the add request. -- Billy Ethridge


I like what I'm hearing on your MySpace. Let me know when you'll be in Nashville. Better yet, you might give me a clue as to how far you are from Manchester airport or Gatwick as I think I'm coming over to do a group of country/folk/Americana stories this summer. :-)
Take care!
Lance Yelvington
CyberCountry. com
Nashville, TN, USA


Thank you Una! The email xxxxxxx The band name is cool, and I really enjoy your music.


Hi Una
Thank you for the request ! & i gotta say i really enjoyed what i've heard so far !
i'll be sure to listen to more too !  Thanks Again
Bsrt (Pondman)




Thank you so much for the friend reqest, I might never have known your FABULOUS music without it!! I love all the players, you're all great, but Una's voice is WONDERFUL!! I could listen to you all day! :-) Wishing you All the Very Best,


Thanks for the request...your songs brought tears to my eyes!


Helllloooo No Fixed Abode: OF COURSE I will be your friend - I think you are quite FABULOUS!!
And thanks for asking me.
Peace, AMY :O)


Thanks so much for the friend add, I listened and was blown away by your music....beautiful!

Thanks for finding me! Your music is truly beautiful. I am very honored being a friend of yours!







YES! Please come to BOSTON! Or NYC! Have always wanted to take the "Acella" to Bean Town, goes VERY FAST! Love your music, ahhh the Viola. Sweet! All the Best!
Thank You for the "ADD"! ~peace now~ "Vintage" Get Back Loretta Stuck in "Jersey"! USA


Great songs ,awesome vocals!
Love the music DAVID


Good morning No fix. Thanks for the add ,you are a great start to a grey day in Denmark.
Besr wishes Teddy


Hello Thanks for the request!  Your music is GREAT!!!.
i love it so much :)


Thanks for the friend request and the opportunity to experience your music. Love it!!
Good Luck and God Bless,


Great sound. If you come to Los Angeles, you're welcome to hang at my tree house in Laurel Canyon...lots of musical history here. Shelly Ladd ~Lady Of The Canyon~




Hello No Fixed Abode! It's nice to meet you.
Love the sound of your music! Alice


Thanks so much for your lovely message!!! You have an awesome sound. Thanks for the link!!!
Have a smashing week ahead Cheers
Lady Alexandria


Good morning NFA
If you hav’nt found a place to live in you are always welcome in my house ,have you ever been to Denmark . I really ,really love your music :-)
Best wishes Teddy xx


Thank U so much for the add request! Love your music!!!!!! Yvonne from New Vision





It was a pleasure to add you as I've many friends in the Industry and I love good music and people. Please do add me to your list and use as much as you like .I would welcome the opportunity to hear how things are going with you. Lets make a bridge across the water and show the world the great power of music and the brotherhood of the people who play it. Take care my friends and please keep in touch.
Mitch Gossett,


Hi Again Una~
I listened to Absent Friends. (yeah..I have a couple now.) Then to Will You Dance with Me(?) I'm uncertain if I got the title right but although beautiful, made me cry too! Kind of fragile today but I will hold strong.
And YES to answer your long overdue question, my email is XXXX You can send me more than 6 a year if you want. And you can reach me here to.I look forward to sharing your music with my family. You are BRILLIANT and shine deeply. If you are ever down the road of Northern California let me know.....we can drink a couple bottles of wine together. And I will be heading your direction one fine day to see some of my friends.


Checked out your tracks on Myspace. As a rule there are very few folk artists on my page. Not that I don't like folk music but I have kept the page centered towards variations of rock. I usually have those type of artists on my second page. That said, I'm bending the rules with you guys. Totally LOVE the sound. Second track almost sounded like it was heading country but the vocals and accompanying music twist it in another direction. Great fusion between the vocals and the instumentation. Sets the music in a unique direction. Very enjoyable sound. Great stuff and welcome to the family.


Dear Una,
thank you for your nice words. I kicked Bob Dylan out as my actual profile song and took your song Sunny Days. ( you can be very proud- I hear Bob Dylan since I was a teenager.) I think it is perfect to hear when one look at my paintings. It makes me happy when I hear it, I get pictuers of summer days, playing animals and kids in my mind. Have a nice evening. Greetings


Hi Una,
You are very Welcome and Thank you for the Friend request and for Your message. I Love your music Very Much and I added Your new song an put you in My top Friends in My profile. I will play Your song for a week or so an then alternate with other Bands that I have promised to play their music.  I would Love to receive Your newsletter and more info. Wishing You and Tony the Very Best and a Great Evening and Week.


Thankyou so much for inviting me. The songs are beautiful,I love your voice and the music. I will definately be buying some of it down the road. I have to!!. Peace n Love,


Sorry for the late, and to doesn't have post a com' but i change my profil...Well, I heard your album thanks to the link you sent me...and it's an amazing album , i'm lovin it!! Especially the songs "What did I do" , "Modern Life" and "Sunne day". Thanks for the request and for your songs!! Have a nice day!! See you.


You're very welcome. How long have you guys been performing? Wow! I'm rather impressed! I'll check out your site later this evening. Seriously, you guys have a super sound. Stay with it!! Peace Always:)


I played your music today, and found a beautiful song (Kebab crazed nutter) so I put it up on my player for you. I hope it does well. I love your voice. always friends



Hi Una,
Stopped by your page a few minutes ago and listened to your tracks...the Kebab one was fab! You have an incredible voice! And yes, I'd love to be on the mailing list  rhanks for the Add!
Clare x


Hey over there! Is your album available in the States? If so, I'll get it! Your songs are great! You have my support! So nice hearing from you!



Hello Una,
Thank you for your music link. I'll see it for sure. Your music is pretty refreshing. It's so welcome in our world of turmoil. Hope to meet you also


I'm the one to be thanking you. I bookmarked the link at cdbaby to get your songs.
I like your music very much and I like the Influences you listed on Myspace.
It's an honor to be sharing links. I wish you all the best in your career.



Thanks, Una. The tracks on your Webpage are quite superb. I just visited your website and had a look around there. Being in the UK, it looks like I might have to send a cheque to Derbyshire for the CD rather than have CDBaby send it from the US. Yes, please do add me to your mailing list. Regards,


Hi there and it was a pleasure to have your request. You make great music. Sunny Days is fabulous. I love it. Warmest wishes to you. Richard.



Hey Una and Tony...Thanks for the add and I love the Great music you make. It's wonderful and poetic and beautiful and I am glad to have been introduced to it on AiiRadio. net. Keep up the great work.


Dear Una and the Band,
Thank you so much for introducing me to your circle of friends.
I find your music to be enchantingly beautiful, ethereal, compelling, fresh and original, something that I know will keep on drawing me back again and again. I can't thank you enough for seeking me out to share such joyous treasures, except to add bravo!!! You have a lovely voice Una, and you use it to nuanced and subtle perfection in delivering your wonderful tunes.
Wishing you happiness and tranquility in all things. Cheers and much love,


Bonjour, thanks for the friendly request I like your music ! best wishes from France


Just dropped in to say that I am Loving your Cd "Clearwater"
It Absolutely Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing it with me.
Take care and have yourselves a wonderful evening!! HELIA


Thank you for the add. I just gave your demo's a good listening. I am genuinely impressed. Will turn Dollar53 on to your site. He does a lot to promote local talent and I'm sure he'd enjoy listening to your work as well as I do.. Have a wonderful Easter. Little Brother 58 said that... from the other side of the big pond.


thanks for the add...your music just makes me skip and dance and just have a hell of a wonderful day!!!!



Many thanks to you for the invitation add!! Your music is absolutely magic and I would like very much to be added to your email list. And I will enjoy exploring your music further ~ what an absolute joy!! Thank you again!!



Hi everyone! Thank you so much for the ad! Just stopped by again to listen to your songs. Your music is wonderful! Una, I just wanted you to know that your vocals are so beautiful! My favorite song is "Sunny Days!. I love the vocals, instruments played, melody, and the lyrics for this song[esoecially here in RI today, where we are experiencing rain]. Una, your vocal range is nothing short of amazing for the song, "Modern Life". Take care everyone, and have a great weekend!


Thanks for the invite--enjoyed listening to your music--will have to purchase your CD to add to my collection. Thanks for your service of music in making a joyful noise good..~~your new friend Sheryl


really enjoy you guys music. You have one of those voices that are beautiful and haunting. I love your sound. DAWN


The clarity of Una's voice is breathtaking! I'm of Irish descent; the most I can do is prepare potatoes in every possible manner. I suppose I should be satisfied to be able to do that and let the Gifted Songsters make light my work as I listen.
Still, a little applause after preparing a Potato au Gratin might be uplifting! You folks sound wonderful!! Thanks for the request to be your friend! MAD CHARLOTTE


So I have now officially listened to all three songs! What an amazing voice you have.
Really great tunes! Keep em coming! Be well and take of you guys always! Peace, love and happiness!



Hi Una, Tony, Ashley, Nip, Patrick, Jim & Wendy!
Thanks for requesting Katyablues! It's a pleasure supporting talented, new friends. You have a fantastic sound - I enjoyed listening to your tracks! Keep in touch...
Peace Always:)


HI N.F.A.!!!
Thanks for the req and the e-mail; it's been a pleasure to listen your music. (((HUGS))) and CIAO from Italy


Thanks for the add! I love your music! Looking forward to hearing more! Will be sharing with my friends too! Take Care! LISA


Greetings from Bordeaux !-FRANCE-! I thank you very much for your request! Nice voices and great music...I love! The best!  See you soon! Friendly,


Ciao No Fixed Abode, beautiful voices and good music! Thank you for the request and I wish you a Happy Easter!



Stopping by to say Hello and Thank You for adding Me. Your music is excellent and it is of Great Pleasure to Support You. Wishing Both of You a the Very Best
and a Great Evening and Week. BRIAN


Gday, your music is great and has an edge of difference to it, take care and no worries from down under. GEOFF


Thank you for the friend request. Love your sound and voices, will be listening often. Have a great day. SANDY





... Cindy here from Radio Volta and I got your CD and I love it!!!!I have been very busy lately, sorry for the delayed response! You guys are in my top 20 of my space! And I am sharing your music w/others. Keep doing what you do it's awesome! I will write soon when the dust settles here a little, promise!
Radio Volta


Hi Una! Well, thank you for the request. Really nice piece of music you've got on here... Sure, I would like to hear from you if you gonna be playing somewhere in London... here's my e-mail:Wish you all the best!!!


Hi Thank you for sending the 3 tracks I amlistening to them now for the third time :) Absolutely superb songs I will be playing all 3 on the stations main playlist as well as my live shows usually weeknights from 8pm uk times. Definitely be playing at least 2 on Mon nights show. I will also get over to cd Baby when I have the time to listen to the rest of your songs. Peace
Rick aka Djay Buddha


You are very welcome I would love to go and listen to more of your music thanks also I would love to be added to your email list my email is XXXXXXXXXXXXX it would be my pleasure to meet you someday...Best wishes Judy 


Hi Una,
thank you for wanting to be a friend. Your music sounds very good, there is undoubtly the influence of Joni Mitchell to be felt throughout your songs. Have you ever heard Judy Dinning singing, who is also a good friend of mine? If you did so, then you know why I accepted you on my space without hesitation. Really love what you are doing, and yes, I would be happy to see you somewhere on the road, and even happier to see you in a concert. :-)Please, add me to your mailing list. Take care,  have a good time,


Hi Una,
Thank you for writing. I've visited your website and must say I am impressed. I like your style and if you don't mind I would love putting up one of your songs into my profile. I am going through all sorts of songs at the moment including old favourites like Abba. When ive been through this process of songs I want to settle and put up my final songlist in my profile.  Thanks again for writing to me and for the gigs invite. I may well come see your band play - I'll keep a look out for your forthcoming gigs.


Hi Una and Tony,
i just want to let you know that I am playing one of your songs on my profile today and would like to play another of yours soon if that is okay. I would be very happy to add you to my friends list so I will send out a friend request.
Many best wishes


Hi Una,
That's very kind of you, hope to meet you one day too. It's great to meet fellow artists. You and your band are great. You have a Celtic sound which I love. My email address is xxxxxx All the best



Hi Tony and Una,
I have listen to your music and I like it. There is a little touch of prog I guess, from my amateur point of view of course, which corroborates the fact that Emerson Lake and Palmer (not too prog either) are part of your influences. My favorite song is School Days. Una voice is remarkable and as much resemblance to one of are great female singer in Quebec province: Marie-Michèle Desrosiers.
I am developing a good taste for folk music I guess, such artist as Karine Polwart, James Taylor (more pop country) are now part of my everyday musical therapy!! Good luck to you and your projects!! Bye




Listened to your music, it is good. What part of the midlands are you from? We have quite alot of family living in Southwell. My husband was born in the UK and moved here as a young adult. We go over there nearly every other year.
Do you come to the US to do tours? Anyway, good luck to you in your music. I will post you as a friend. I don't think I get that much traffic on my site at the moment. Usually just people I know personally, apart from James Taylor, and Carly Simon. But of course I love their music too. Best wishes to you.





thank you very much guys. I'm honored- your music is beautiful. best wishes from Greece



Hi there...Thank you for the request. Love your music. All the Best!
Betty Hollywood


Have a great weekend!! Love your music! Hugs!


thanks for finding me! very nice sound.
Joy - Denver,CO USA


hi and welcome to my site and so nice to meet you. My site is 99.9% music only all types and from all over the world, so please enjoy. I like your music it is great and wish you every success with it:). Take care and have a great weekend, With Love,
Trish, England.


Thanks for the request. I really enjoyed listening to your music! Greetings from Norway


Hi There, Thank you for the request. It is a pleasure to welcome your wonderful music and both of you to my friend's list. Much continued sucess. All the best to you and yours,


Thanks for the add ~ great music!! ~ xodb


Thanks Una and Tony for your beautiful's a music dream



Thanks Una and Tony for your beautiful's a music dream


Thanks for the req. You have a great voice.Nice pair of good musicians.I hope to see soon.
Greetings from Portugal, Anabela


Thank you for inviting me to be your friend here on myspace. I have really been enjoying your music. If I ever make it to the UK, I will be sure to look you guys up.


I like so much Call me and Going Home songs.... Nice to listen you. With my heart
Francesco from Italy


thank you for the request. i really like the feel to your music. you have a really great voice. best wishes. take care.



Hi, thanks for the req. Happy to be your friend. Great music... Greetings from Italy!!!



Thanks for the add, lovely music x  Carol



add, lov the music....diana


Hello, congratulations on the work done. I was madly in love with your wonderful songs. Great band. Una, I was amazed with your radiant voice. I wish all the best for you, guys. Thanks a lot, Fabiana.


Great sounding music guys.If you're ever in Alabama lemme know.I'll be there.



Thank you, I really enjoyed listening. All the best to ya!


Thanks for the Add request guys. I like the music. Greetings and Best Wishes from Oklahoma, USA



Thanks for the request. Nice music!


Thanks for including me in your circle of friends...the music and lyrics are beautiful...Peace and ONE Love


thanks for the request!wonderful and sweet music!!.you remind me of joan baez,somehow.keep on singing!



Thanks a lot for the request. Nice music, good luck for your future!

Ciao from Rome, Dany.


Thanks a million for the req. Great stuff you have here. Keep up the good music! Have a good weekend!!



Thank you for sharing your exquisite music.




Hey Guys! You are featured in my Indie Artist Spot this week!! Best Regards,


Hi! Thanks for the friends request! Great tunes...




Thanks for coming on my magic page and founding how to join me, it was a very good idea!
Your music is all that I love!  Have nice daysssss!
See U...



Hi thanks for the request..sweet music.


I also thank you for the friend request. You make some beautiful music. Thank you for sharing it....


Thank you for the friend request. Beautiful music! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



Thank you for the request. Great Music & Sound!!! Best Wishes in the New Year.


Hi Thanks for the request. This is such beautiful music

xoxo Brenda


I am happy to add you and thank you for your request. I love your wonderful music and you have such a clear and pure voice. I enjoyed watch your youtube videos. I have added you to my top friends. Happy Valentines Day...



Many thanks for your request and welcome. You have a great folk/country sound. Xx



Hello and thanks for the request. I thought your music was excellent. Great job! I especially liked "School Days". Hope each of you have a great Valentines Day. JP


Hello No Fixed Adobe, Many Thanks for being my new friends. Love your music very much ! Wish you many many success !!! ave an excellent day! Musical Greetings,
Rose-Marie, (from Belgium)


Hello from Nice in France Your music is very great, I love the voice ! excuse my english, i'm nt really good !



Good Morning, No Fixed Abode! Your music is simply wonderful! Thank you for being my new MySpace friend(s)! Love,

Ann (USA)


Happy to join your friends list. What beautiful music! I have a love for all styles of music as you can tell from my profile and blog.~Wishing you much love & success~


Hi thanks for the add and opportunity to hear your music.Una you have a lovely voice.
all the best



Glad to add you.. Thx for the request..Like the music, glad to hear something a little different.


Thx for your add!! Listening your music is a pleasure!! Great voice,great sounds,im just relaxing!! Greetings from Germany,love



Thanks for the request. Great Music!


Thanks for add request , great music.


Hey there guys!! Welcome to my page, I'm very happy to accept you. I like your music very much and I agree that Una has a Joni Mitchell type voice ... brilliant. I shall be looking for further stuff from you, but in the meantime ... Play it lloud………

jukebox John


Hola! Thank you for being cyperspace amigos. It's a pleasure. I like your music. Great voice, sound, and soul.
Enjoy life!


Thank you for the friend request! Such beautiful music :-) Peace, H


Love coming back and listening to your tracks.Best from

Carolyn and Mark


Hello, Thank for the request. I like much the Celtic music. I was rocked since my childhood by the Britain music. The songs which you interpret are very pleasant and resting. All the best from Paris.


School Days is great, something about Maddy about your voice, Una, as well as beautiful harmonies x Jane


Una & Tony..Thanks so much for the request.Loved the music.I'll be back to listen a lot.
Love & Luck To You,


Cheers, Many thanks for invite. Love the song absent friends, brill



Hi I've just been listening. the accoustic sounds and lyrics to the songs are fab. Especially like Absent Friends. Thanks for the request.


High there....Thanks for invite...Absolutely Love your songs! Very nice voice!


I like your music very much! Best of luck in all you do! :)


Love your music...thanks to be my friend! Warms


Hello, hope your well! Just popped by to listen to your beautiful voice and music. Hope your music is going well and getting to perform lots of gigs! Take care
x Bessy


Thanks for the add, I welcome you with open arms...absoutely beautiful music thanks for sharing your talent!



Hi, thanks for your request. Fine music here! best wishes,


hello!thank you for the request,,your awesome!!!!!!!!!great songs and music....your friend ,janet:


Your music is amazing! I wish you all the best. Thanks again



Very nice music !! greatings Liliane from Belgium


Hi thanks so much for the friend request!! Really enjoyed listening to you music. Take care and have a wonderful weekend.


Hi! Thanks for the friendship! Your music is great!Greetings for



Hello, thank you for the request - be welcome! Great music. Have a happy weekend. All the best from



Thanks for the request,I really like your music, sounds great!


Hi thanks for the request I Love your sound All the best Love

Tracey Rolfe X





Hello you two Thanks for the add. Pleased to say that our paths will cross in Weymouth again this year, looking forward to seeing you both Keep on doing what you do so well All the very best for '08



Hi Una and Tony,
i just want to let you know that I am playing one of your songs on my profile today and would like to play another of yours soon if that is okay. I would be very happy to add you to my friends list so I will send out a friend request.
Many best wishes


hi Una thanks for the message... love the music.... will try and come to one of your gigs x



Best wishes


Good luck with your beautiful music - we are coming down your way in May when we go to see Robert Plant in Birmingham.
Keep up the good work.


Hi Una and Tony... thank you... for your creativity and the determination to bring your beautiful music to us... and what beautiful music it is... I wish you continued growth and success and one day soon I hope to be able to enjoy your music in a live setting and get to meet you both...

Love, peace, strength and respect,

Vinnie James


Hello there, I would love to be added to your Email list.
Mine is XXXXXXX Thanks, I like your music.


thank you.if i can help spread your music to other people . that is great. it needs to be shared.



Thanks for wanting to be friends. Your music is very good! My favorite song is "Modern Life". Keep up the good work! Wishing you a very happy, healthy & successful 2008!


Wow! You guys are great. Love the music. Wish that I lived overseas to come see you play! Thank you for the request. Keep up the great work and tunes!
holly in pennsylvania - u.s.


Hi Tony and Una,
I have listen to your music and I like it. There is a little touch of prog I guess, from my amateur point of view of course, which corroborates the fact that Emerson Lake and Palmer (not too prog either) are part of your influences. My favorite song is School Days.
Una voice is remarkable and as much resemblance to one of are great female singer in Quebec province: Marie-Michèle Desrosiers.
I am developing a good taste for folk music I guess, such artist as Karine Polwart, James Taylor (more pop country) are now part of my everyday musical therapy!!
Good luck to you and your projects!!


Una, Thanks for the message. I really like your music. My email = [email protected] Best to you in your career.


hi! thanks for the web page! i love school days,but beautiful music all around.thank you again and keep creating!!!!



Your music is heavenly.. I love it!! Blessings to you all from Texas, USA



thanks for the invite. beautiful music. traces of clannad, kate bush, tori amos. very pleasing to the ear x



I am please with your invitation because your music it's really good.And I hope to see you wishes, Anabela


Thanks for req. i like to be your friend. I like so much your music .

Modern Life , Absent friends Call me and Going Home are so very nice songs .
Warmest regards
Francesco from Italy


Hi. Thanks for being a friend. Your music sounds great. any plans to come over to the US and New York City? Regards,


Thanks so very much for joining PhillyMusic. I am featuring you now.


ure welcome, love ure music..



hello, my email is [email protected] i really like your music... would like to meet ya someday...
greg Jordan


Hi Una,
thanks for finding me. I like your voice and music. I m gonna hear your album, sure.
Hope to meet you, too. All the best


Thankyou I really enjoyed the tunes You have a very lovely voice.
Have a blessed day and maybe someday we will meet down the road:)
Always Laurie:)



thanks for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to hear such lovely music.


Your music is very very interesting ... folk/rock is one of my favourites styles of music.
See you here in one of these days.Byeeeeeee !!!


just wanted you to know that your music is awesome!


Hi There,
I looked at your page for a few, and think your great from what I have heard so far...going back to listen again. Thanks for the page, certainly will check that out! Thanks for the friend's request. Sure I would like to be on your email list, my addy is:
Thanks again, Skye


Thx for your request. Great music - like these folk music.
All the best from Austria! And hold on to your dreams!


m,olto bella la vostra musica, splendida la voce



Hi guys, ood stuff. Love your dreams. My email is
Blessings Randy


Thanks for the add. I really enjoyed your music.


Listening to your music, Welcome my Friends. I would like to accept you to be a friend. God Bless xoxo Kali


Hi.. hey this is really nice music :).. will drop in again to have another listen very soon..and of course pass your site on to other friends who I know will enjoy too !
Best Wishes
Jan x



Hi Una,

You have a lovely voice, I really liked listening to your music and will order your Clearwater next week.My e-mail is


people were liking the tale of the kebab nutter. as everyone can relate to it.







Thanks for invite. Loving your voice! Bootifool! Big love from Scotland. Paula xx


Listened to a bit of your music while adding the friends link and enjoyed it! Would be happy to get your music on the air.  Henry


I barely ever check this site anymore. I should get back to doing that. My email addy is: and I'd love to put your music on the show at some point.  Great stuff... Talk later, Jon


I say...Thank you for the friend request. I am happy to accept. Wonderful songs as well. keep up the fantastic work.
All my love, Percival


Hi Una,
Nice to hear from you and happy new year to you also. I've had a listen to the stuff on MySpace and liked it a lot (I only add the music I genuinely like!), so if you wanna send me a CD and some biographical stuff then I'll have a proper listen and will of course consider a support slot. Take Care, Ken


Hey guys - thanks for making contact. Gave a listen to your stuff, the songs kept skipping for some reason on the my space player, but what I could hear was awesome !!!! Immediately reminded me of Annie Haslam.
If you'd like, send me your EP and I will gladly not only give it air play but put into the station for rotation.
Cheers and Happy 2008!  Cindy Wuollet



Hi Una!
Happy new year to you and all the best! Thanks for the link - i like the soundfiles :-) Please add me to the email list.
My adress:  Greetings from Germany Christian


Fine and mellow--I listened to Absent Friends twice (a first in my initial reviews of MySpace musicians.) Enjoyed the dreamy quality.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to my collective of groovy, positive, and/or downright creative friends. Pull up a chair and meet a few more friends here! Peace, sagiscar




Good to have you as friends, like your music very much! I shall take a longer look and listen!
Best wishes to you and the Midlands! Mike.


hi una and tony,youre music is like a breath of fresh air,i love absent friends, una your voice reminds me of barbara dickson who we love,youre amazing, please feel free to add to your email lists my email address and if you can send a promo cd ill play it at our pop quiz nights, happy new year and best wishes davexxx


And a Happy New Year to you to! Must admit that I normally delete friend requests from unknown bands almost immediately, but your stuff sounded particularly good! Looking forward to hearing more. My email address is.
Thank you Brian



Hi Una. Nice to hear from you. The music is just gorgeous! You've such a beautiful voice! I will go look at the album and order one once I get my finances in order.  Please do put me on the list for emails. My address is
Wonderful music! I can't wait to get the album! And I hope you use that beautiful voice to make another one in the near future. all the best, Dixie


Hi. Love your music. Keep it up. Hope we can meet up sometime. Love, Cindy


Happy New Year! Hope it's a good one for you. Thanks for letting me know about the videos. I think you would go down quite well at Norwich Arts Centre, but I don't know who you contact about getting on there. It's a lovely intimate venue as it's an old church and there are seats for us oldies! Also a bar! I've seen some good acts there in the past year or so, the ones that are on myspace are Jamie Woon, Foy Vance, Thom Stone and Newton Faulkner. Jamie and Foy have been at The Arts Centre about 3 times each now. If you're on there, I promise we'll be in the audience!
Best wishes, Sue x



Thanks a lot for the add and greets from Germany! We have got your Album "Clearwater" in May 2007 and had posted it on our Website in forum "CD-Vorstellungen".
...and we played you in our radio-show on June, 12/2007 (you can see on "Playlisten" on our website) If there is some new music from you, please tell us!  It will be a great honnor to get you as a member onour website! Hope to hear from you...  Rock on! Brain



I love your music! and i will be going to cdbaby. my email is. thank you so much!



Sorry for the long delay getting back to you. I've been directing back to back music videos since the 2nd. And a happy 2008 to you guys as well! Hope you have an awesome year in front of you. I dig your music very much, so please do place me on your mailing list. My direct e-m address By the way, have you checked out my sites for either Old Sand Mill or Reynolds and Miller? And I hope to meet you "down the road" too.  Best, Chip


Youre welcome, I enjoyed the music Ive heard so far. Have received in the past some friends requests from musicians and basically if Im not over impressed by the music/ideals etc then I tend to deny. In your case I really liked the music.
Stay happy love Deborah


Hi Una
I love the tracks on myspace especially school days. All your music is full of delights. I tend to keep my playlists on a the livlier side of things being a Saturday Afternoon show but a colleague of mine has a show on Saturday night that I am a big fan of myself. Ray loves to get his hands on Richard Thomnpson Sandy Danny Nick Drake and more up to date artists from the UK and Canada the USA and Around the world and his primary preferences involving voluptuous acoustic arrangments with spinechilling vocal performances. If you can send me over a CD which I use in the station myself and I can share it with Ray who I have no doubt would love your material. I have a postal address at the end of the playlists on my blog and if you enclose your return address details I would be happy to send over some money to you. I do get MP3's but I favour the CD's for broadcast quality and still favour my old LP's at home. Cheers Mick  


Really nice to come across you Don't forget to autograph CD I get most of my collection from going to gigs where I can support the artists directly


Hi Una, i listen all the cd and I have more impressed for the spirit of the music, very emotional. I ask to the radio manager to airplay a single in rotation to radio Rcs. Among 2 week i talk to your cd in my program and 3 song go on air. An information: your bass player is Ashley Hutching. Is the same Ashley Hutichings for the Fairport Convention and Albion Country Band or is only a double? Because i like very much the british folk '60 & '70, especially Fairport, Pentangle, Shirley Collins and Albion and more other. I like rock, hard rock, blues, progressive and more but a place to the history of british folk in my program there's forever...
Your song remember me the Blackmore's Night, but the music is more different; more folk yours, more celtic and medieval the blackmore's. Sorry for the comparison..
Gianluca  radiofonico di rock su Radio Rcs


check my website and i will tell you when its posted up there take care kevin loving the celtic vibe im fae aberdeen originally they let me in bristol for good behaviour Kevin


love your tracks you sent me thx i will play the kebab tune today on my show it goes out between 5-7pm you can listen live via i will play it between 5-5:30 nice one djkevykev aka plain Kevin



I present six radio shows across two FM and two online stations, and as you can imagine I get sent music particularly on Myspace all the time. Unlike just about everything else I've been sent, I think your music is terrific. Melody is so hard to come across in new music.
Dark Side Of The Moon would be the most suitable platform to air your material, and as it's a rock based format, although still with contributions by acts like Fairport Convention, a band-based song like School Days would suit the format very well.
DSOM goes out on FM stations in the Bournemouth and Southampton areas, as well as online from and on Myspace at
If you'd like to send me an mp3 of School days and anything else you think might be suitable, please do so. My email address is and I'll give it a plug. If not, then best of luck - you shouldn't need it, but it can only help! All the best
Gary Jackson


Hi una, always nice to meet new pals. Lovely sounds! Take care. Big love. Paula


Hi Una and Tony
I listened to the three songs you posted. I like the clarity and purity of your voice. I think the title 'Clearwater' really fits the music. Excellent acoustic guitar and beautiful trumpet! Love and light, Cosmic Eagle


Hi Una...your music is absolutely great! I love it! How do you choose your friends list? So glad you chose mine. Linda


Hi Una,
Thank you "Happy New Year" backatcha:) Happy to be here, I love finding music which interests me:)
and your music does.. and yes! hope we meet somewhere, sometime down this worldwide road:) who knows? ...
no problem with email it is :) "All the Best" Ian..


Hi there,
Glad to have you aboard so to speak. Liked what I've heard so far and I will definately check out the rest with the link you've given. You can certainly email your newsletter to me at Good luck, Kind regards, Graham.



Hi Una, you are most welcome.
I checked our your music and I really enjoyed it. It is one of the most annoying things about being the other side of the world that we only get to hear the big name bands and dont usualy get the chance to listen to others.
I personaly listen to all types of music but it all has one thing in is always good music.
I have now added "No Fixed Abode" to my music library. I would also like to be added to your email list.
My email is Once again thanks for being my new friend. Happy New Year to you all  Yours Mal



Hello Una and Happy New Year back!!
You're most welcome and thank you for introducing yourselves. I love the sound and the 'variety' of styles is impressive. Would love to have the album cuts .... and your permission to pass them on to some of my contacts if I may. Please feel free to include order/purchase info that I can pass on. You can email me direct at: Thank you once again and here's wishing you a Great '08 David



I give you my email and thanks again for your beautiful songs


Hey there! Thanks for the add! Una has such a gorgeous voice and Tony plays the guitar so beautifully! The entire band is otustanding! "Absent Friends" is my favorite. Awesome music, keep it up! DIXIE


I REALLY like your sound!!
Thanks for finding me!!! RACQUEL


Lovely lovely stuff- hints of Sandy Denny as well as Joni I think-- nice start to the morning checking out your Friend request and hearing this! MIKE COLLINS

Thanx 4 the request. Listened 2 the samples, could chillout 2 this. Best of luck 4 the future. DAVE T


Just stopping by to listen again to your great tunes> When is the US tour? SUBDUED DUDE


Very pleased to add you, like your music very much and you have great taste in music too (Kate and Joni!!)
cheers, PAUL T

Still love the music! I've spread the word to my non-MySpace friends, too! DAVID



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