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We would like to share with you an feature that was kindly written about us by Joe Giltrap and appeared in a national newspaper called the Irish Post on the 18th December

The Irish Post is the biggest selling weekly newspaper for the Irish in Briton. 

 No Fixed Abode is a duo that has been steadily building a reputation and I have seen their name crop up with increasing regularity. The singer/songwriting team of Una Walsh and Tony Dean have quietly gone about their business and should continue to build as their canon of work grows.

Una Walsh hails from Castle Bellingham, Co Louth and was a solo singer at the famous Bunratty Castle for some years. She met Manchester guitarist Tony Dean at Bunratty and moved to England. They are based in Derbyshire and the combination of Una’s beautiful voice and Tony’s guitar playing marks them out as a bit special. You can see Una’s fine distinctive version of Jimmy McCarthy’s Ride On on YouTube and you can catch then live at the following gigs (then there was a list of upcoming gigs)

No Fixed Abode are story tellers, bards in the truest sense. They paint images with music as deftly as Leonardo Da Vinci did with an equal sense of innovation

John O’Regan - Irish music journalist

“It is evident that No Fixed Abode have channelled all their verve & imagination into their own work”. Mood provoking, passionate & poignant – Stunningly hypnotic live. Una Walsh’s powerfully rich voice rouses a pot-pourri of emotions about the ups & downs of life, relationships and every day events. She performs with both passion & grace – not unlike Enya in her style”. 

 The Leicester Mercury.

“There can be fewer sweeter and yet more powerfully affecting voices in the midlands perhaps the hole of the auk”

Nottingham Evening Post

MUSIC from the folky side of rock's dysfunctional family has always been treated with suspicion by some members of the clan. It's the distant cousin politely shunned at the bar; the strange uncle they all hope to avoid as they nervously scan the wedding party seating plan.
But Derbyshire duo No Fixed Abode is doing more than most to bring about a reconciliation and end the family fueding. New Clearwater album still has all the hallmarks of the genre, including bass provided by guesting godfather of folk-rock Ashley Hutchings. But Una Walsh and Tony Dean have crafted an eclectic series of songs that will also shake a few prejudices and preconceptions. Opener What Did I Do, with its Wonderstuffed intro, instantly showcases Una's angelic voice.
Clear as winter ice, it is cultured enough to host its own late-night Radio 4 arts show. And for those that thought folk was fit only for fey subjects and whimsy, Kebab Crazed Nutty will catch them like the business end of broken beer bottle. It's a slice of contemporary realism,served in a pitta bread, with extra chilli sauce. Then there's the left-field arrival of Modern Life, a piano-led jazz track that oozes class and features a stunning trumpet line.The intimacy of Absent Friends draws you in impossibly, so you're left holding your breath as though eavesdropping outside the confessional. Then Sunne Days lands, loaded with Pimms and sunny joie de vivre. All the tracks on this collection are underpinned by Tony's subtle and sympathetic acoustic and given extra polish by some outstanding guest contributions. You can sense the craftsmanship that has been put into these songs. Every performer adds only what the song requires, nothing else. And that display of taste and restraint is something which louder, more gregarious members of the family could do well to emulate...

PHILFY PHIL  - Derbyshire times

This album is very contemporary in feel with songs like 'Modern Life' and 'Absent Friends' beautifully reflecting the thoughts, joys and worries of 21st century life just as the classics reflected a time long past. One of my personal favourites is the wonderful 'Call Me'. On this track Walsh reminds me of the vocals of Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary. The diction, the delivery and the content combine into an almost perfect song Another highly evocative track here is 'Schooldays'  but the delivery is bang up to date, showing that you can recall the real past without having the words set to an old tune.

Nicky Rossiter Irish Music Magazine

What really makes Clearwater stand out for me, though, are two tracks which could have easily been turned into twelve or fifteen minute jams—Absent Friends, an utterly beautiful ballad with an ethereal touch, thanks to background guitar effects  and School Days, which for some reason has me thinking Fairport's superb A Sailor's Life from their Unhalfbricking album, though I honestly have to say that I have not heard that for some years, many of my records being in storage. I do remember playing the Fairport track over and over, musical effects magnified by a darkened room and the nefarious herb, and the same feeling swept over me recently when I cranked up the NFA track full volume and sans herb. I have to be honest. As good as this album is, I've listened to those two tracks more than the others put together. It's a personal thing.

Frank Gutch Jr

During 2008 I will hear many CDs, either purchased or sent to me for an opinion. I doubt if I will hear a better CD than “Clearwater” It is an eleven track album that never waivers in quality. The listener will probably have a different “favourite song” after every listen, as whatever emotion your feeling at the time, there will be a song to relate to. The sheer quality shines through every track, as each song uplifts you or makes you stop, think and nod in approval or acknowledgement. This is an album which once listened to, demands to be played again and again and again….don’t miss it!

Brian keep music live

My personal favourite song is the wonderful 'Call Me'. In this song Walsh reminds me of the vocals of Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary. The diction, the delivery and the content combine into an almost perfect song of love and its effects on a single life that reflects the feelings of all.

Nicky Rossiter Irish Music Magazine

No Fixed Abode brings style, beautiful vocals and music that is so catchy….you just can’t help but listen.

The Celtic MP3’s Music Magazine

With shades of Sarah McLaughlin and Kate Bush, Walsh’s voice is pure and unsullied by any commercialism or production restraints. Dean’s accomplished acoustic guitar work is a perfect companion and escort to Walsh’s at times wistful and soul-filled vocals creating an overall sound that drips like honey.

Kim Thore All Access Magazine





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